Friday, January 30, 2009

Writing Prompt #1

This is a new category. I'll post a short blurb about something I've noticed, or a snippet of conversation I've heard, or just something random thing that I've thought of, and then I'll pose a writing-prompt question. Take it any way you see fit, and please post your writing in the comments section so we can see all the different things people come up with.


The homeless man stands outside the Dunkin Donuts on Lake Street, just as he does every day. The snow sprinkles his dark, fuzzy, uncombed hair. He shakes his cup as he stares down the little, white girl walking away from him.

She's looking down at the sidewalk. Her mouth is open wide but her jaw is tight; the tension in her temples visible from a good ten feet away. She brushes off the shoulder of her blue coat with a Kleenex. Not once does she look behind her as she walks away.


What caused this scene to occur? What will happen after? Provide background and more characterization for these two figures.

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