Friday, January 2, 2009


I wasn't going to make a single New Years resolution this year. In years past, I feel like I haven't ever really stuck to them, so why bother? But, in thinking about why I don't like resolutions, I realized that resolutions mainly don't work out when you don't have a specific plan and when you feel that you have no one, or nothing, to hold you accountable to them.

This blog, and those who read it, can hold me accountable, especially if I tell you all my resolutions. =) With this in mind, I also think accountability doesn't just come from me posting a few words about my resolutions but by surrounding myself with people who hold me to my word. With that said, here are my resolutions, many of which I've already been working on, well before the start of this new year!

1) Eat better. Buy more veggies and fruits, rather than junk food.
2) Exercise more. Stick to morning workouts, and throw some fun activities in there, like rock climbing - which me and Maggie#2 have been planning on starting as a weekly activity. Yes, a workout buddy to hold me accountable!
3) Lose weight. Clearly #1 and #2 will help me achieve this one.

Other resolutions not involving health and fitness...
4) Write every day. NaBloPoMo helps with that, again.
5) Finish - and I mean not just another draft but really finish - my first novel, and start sending it out to agents and/or publishers. Carla, my writing buddy, will help me hold myself accountable to this one!

Looking at this list, I suppose I have made variations of all these resolutions for a good few years now, but I looked at them as unsuccessful because I didn't accomplish all I wanted to with each of them. Maybe I should be looking at resolutions in a different way - as a way of making progress, because I have made a ton of progress in the past year.

I started doing morning workouts before work (although in this cold weather, waking up to swim is extraordinarily difficult for me to do). I've been eating more fruits, and been more careful about what I eat (rather than jumping on a diet, only to jump off it a week later). I graduated from The University of Chicago in June, with a full draft of my novel done -- something I never imagined I would be capable of doing two years ago. So, okay, resolutions can work -- if you're willing to put in the effort time and time again, year in and year out.

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