Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trying New Things: Learning French

I signed up for my very first French class this morning. It's about time; I've been working on my novel, set in 2005 Paris, for well over a year now. And, I'm currently planning a trip to Paris in July, so I'm sure knowing a couple phrases of French could only help me.

As with anything new, it's kind of intimidating, trying to learn a new language now, after only having studied Spanish during high school. (And I know French is nothing like Spanish). When I walked into Alliance Francaise de Chicago, everyone - including students standing at the front desk - chattered in French. The receptionist turned to me and rattled off a question in French; I only understood the word, "Bonjour."

"Beginning French?" I said. He immediately switched to speaking in English, his speech heavily accented.

This is definitely going to be interesting. Classes start next Saturday. I'm sure I'll update on my "progress" in French.

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Andi said...

I started learning French late in life after year's of Spanish - you will need to totally put Spanish in a drawer and close it tightly - it screwed me up all the time! Good luck, you will love, love, love Paris - it is my favorite place on Earth.