Saturday, January 17, 2009

My New "Thermometer"

This is my view of the Chicago River from my apartment. This, as well as a sliver of a view of Lake Michigan, helps me determine how cold it is outside before I head out. There's ice, so it's cold, but it's not one big sheet of ice so it's bearable. Ever since we moved in to our downtown apartment, this has indicated how bundled up I need to get (which has been very helpful in the recent below zero wind chills).

But I have a new indicator too. My own body. I'm not talking about stepping outside and shivering and seeing my breath and all that jazz. I'm allergic to the cold. I break out in hives. In normal Chicago weather, it's only slightly bothered me and only on my legs, so I just dealt with it, figuring it's no big deal. But, again, in recent days with the below zero temps, the hives have spread to my back and my waist. It's irritating. It's itchy. And it makes sitting at my work chair SO uncomfortable. So, if I couldn't tell how cold it is outside, at least I know my body will tell me, whether I like it or not.

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