Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Critique my pitch for 'Through Charlotte's Eyes'

I'm taking part in Heather Webb's super awesome pitch-ilicious blog hop contest. Read more about it here.

I'll let the pitch speak for itself... (but just add this is for my 80,000 word YA historical, Through Charlotte's Eyes).

Critique away!

When 18-year-old Anne Marie is shipped off to Paris to live with her grandmother, she tries to sort out the lies about her mother's death that have been propagated by a cold grandmother and a distant father. In her pursuit of the truth, she tumbles – literally – into the life of a distant relative, Charlotte Corday, who her mother once considered a hero. With her two realities becoming increasingly intertwined, Anne must decide whether or not to follow Charlotte’s destiny: to kill one man to save 100,000.