Thursday, January 1, 2009


Not too long ago, I found this website,, which encourages people to post every day to their blog for an entire month. I signed up for the month of January, so expect to hear from me each and every day.

Considering that I usually only post a couple times a month, this might be hard for me. I also am kind of worried that I might be sacrificing quality for quantity.

Then again, I think the principles behind NaBloPoMo are good ones that I've heard time and time again from my creative writing professors over the years: write every day; no matter how crappy you think your ideas or writing is that day, get to the page and put pen to paper, or, in this case, cursor to Blogger post. But, as always, I'll strive to only put intresting stories or thoughts I have on my blog each and every day. This is definitely an experiment; we'll see how this works out, or if it even does. =)

For those that read my blog, I do urge you to comment on my postings. Tell me what you like (and don't) about my posts. I find both comments and criticisms useful in that they help me generate even more ideas for future posts! So, here's to writing each and every day!

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