Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Return of HIMYM

Finally! "How I Met Your Mother" is back with new episodes after a month-long hiatus. (Warning: a incredibly small spoiler below about someone guest-starring in the future).

I have to stop reading "previews" for what the new HIMYM shows are about, because it really ruins the premise for me. Meaning, I wasn't surprised when the gang followed Barney and discovered that he had a "wife," Betty, and a "kid," Tyler.

Then again, my lack of surprise continued past what I knew about the show before I sat down to watch it. The family was fake. Really? I get that the writers were parodying other sitcoms, but I figured they would have done something a little different, a little bit more random and out-there, you know, in true HIMYM-fashion.

Despite the beginning, I did enjoy the episode. I loved meeting Barney's mom, Loretta (Frances Conroy). I loved that pretentious Ted appeared, that he clicked with Barney's "wife," and that he over-acted when caught with his tongue down Betty's throat. I loved that, after Barney and Betty acted painfully cute as a couple, Barney turned to Ted and said, "This is what you're really like in a relationship." I loved that Marshall and Lily brought up Lily's feelings of hatred for Marshall's mom (but what about Lily's parents. Where do they fit in? My spec script will, hopefully, answer just that). I loved that Barney came clean to his mom and that she encouraged him to not wait and to go for it, if he ever found someone he wanted to be with. Aww. Another cute Robin and Barney moment. My favorite storyline =)

This is yet another episode in which Barney was the center of attention. But I'm not complaining about this. His character remains one of the most engaging and developed on the show. Don't get me wrong. Lily & Marshall as a couple are fabulous. Robin is clearly no one to mess with. But Ted, despite being the "main" character, can get a bit stale. (Although, in this episode, his pretentiousness was perfect for the situation.) Overall, Ted has things figured out and knows what he wants; Barney, on the other hand, doesn't.

So, I, for one, am more than happy to see more Barney-centric episodes. I know Laura Prepon is guest-starring for a bit as Ted's new flame - and that's all I know, please don't spoil anymore for me! - but I think there's also still going to be some great Barney-centric episodes as he figures out how to - or one day, accidentally - tell Robin his true feelings. My guess is that it won't happen until the Season Finale, and I'm more than okay with his Robin-storyline continuing til then, and beyond.

Photo source: http://www.fresh-buzz.com/2009/02/18/video-resume-of-barney-stinson


Chuck Dilmore said...

I'm with ya!
HIMYM rocks - and Barney makes me laugh more than anyone in TV!

Thanks for this!
peace, Chuck

Liz S said...

YES! Another fan! There isn't any other comedy like it on TV, although Big Bang is a great show too.

Thanks for your comments, Chuck. I appreciate getting them!