Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy Weekend

Since I'm partially using this blog to hold myself accountable to my writing, I figured this is the best place to write down my writing goals for the weekend - and the things that may affect whether I complete them. I've had such a productive writing week, despite being extraordinarily busy, that I think I can complete all of this, even though - to me - it seems like a lot.

Writing Goals:
1. Finish revising Chapters 1, 2, & 3 of WIP.
2. Rewrite Chapter 8 of WIP.
3. Do first revisions of short story, "Loss: Anne's Story."
4. Send out at least three short story submissions to magazines.

What else I have planned this weekend.
1. cleaning the apartment: not looking forward to this
2. doing my taxes: really not looking forward to this
3. working out: indifferent
4. dinner & bowling with CV & LV tonight: really looking forward to this; haven't seen them in forever!
5. lunch with G on Sunday, while she's in town from DC: really looking forward to this, too!

Last night, I was crazy busy, too, but it was a fun busy, and that's always the best kind. I was at the Serpico Shopping Extravaganza, where my little sister works, for a little while. Serpico is a great designer, inspired by architecture. Check out her Spring collection here.

I also had a quick dinner with the boy, and then went to go see I Love You, Man, which was a great comedy about bro-mance, starring Jason Segel (who I, obviously, love from HIMYM), Paul Rudd, and Rashida Jones. It was hilarious! And I think Segel & Rudd played real, believable guys. Definitely worth seeing.

Busy weekend! Better get going...


vicki archer said...

This sounds very positive and a great way to focus - good on you, I am much less disciplined! I hope you are enjoying the weekend, xv.

Liz S said...

Thanks Vicki! Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too.