Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make Time & More Positive Thinking

I was going to use this post to rant about how there's never enough time in the day to write.

But then I read Nathan Bransford's blog, especially his posts from Positivity Week, and I decided I'm done complaining, venting, and saying anything negative when it comes to my writing. It only feeds the writing demons, instead of overcoming them.

So, from now on - only positivity about my writing! That isn't to say I won't take your critiques/comments about the writing that I post on this blog. Critiques, I think, can be incredibly constructive, and help me see things that I don't always notice because of how close I am to my writing. Critiques are NOT negative.

And why did Nathan's blog inspire me so much to stay positive? Well, here are just a couple things that I've taken away from his "positivity week" posts.

*Thinking About Why I Write*
I can't imagine not being a writer. I like creating and meeting new characters, delving into worlds that I didn't even know existed before I opened a book or set pen to paper. When the ideas flow and the words fit together, it's one of the best, most electric, feelings in the world. When I'm in the moment of writing, everything falls away, and everything makes more sense. But, when I do have difficulty in figuring out my ideas or my words, thinking about why I write only serves to help.

*Ten Commandments for the Happy Writer* - all of them are listed on Nathan's blog, but here's some of the ideas/thoughts that really jumped out at me.
- There IS time in the day: I just need to make more time for writing. Skip a TV show, put off the doing the dishes for a little bit. You want to write? MAKE time.
- Writing may be important and something you're passionate about, but, it's not everything. Family and friends are the most important thing. So, if I had to choose between one or the other - family and friends, all of those relationships, come first.
- At the same time, when tragedy is ready to befall, keep writing. So what if an asteroid is about to hit earth? Keep writing.

More positivity to come in the days - and weeks, and months - ahead!

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