Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pain, Pain, Go Away...

... and do NOT come back another day.

I was suffering yesterday.

I survived work, despite some weird abdominal pain hitting me in waves. But I failed to make it to French class. I really, really, really tried. I even started walking to class, but a wave of pain hit me again - it was like a baseball, on fire, trying to push its way out of my stomach, through my abdomen muscles - and I just couldn't do it. As my boyfriend said, "you need a sick day off of class."

So, I went home, worked on my HIMYM blog post in between waves of pain and then laid on the couch and didn't move. Pain is definitely an obstacle when it comes to putting cursor to Microsoft Word; writing the post took forever because I had to keep setting down my computer, brace myself against the pain, and then remind myself to breathe through it.

I can't believe I even finished the blog post, so this entry is me giving myself a pat on the back for pushing through the pain and still writing. But after finishing the post, I was in no mood to do anything, let alone work on the novel or the the short story. So, I took it easy, and my wonderful boyfriend took care of me.

Earlier in the day I had called my doctor's office and was told that if the pain is still around tomorrow - meaning today, now - that I should call again. But, I feel 100% better. So back to writing!!!

In other writing news: I'm seriously considering changing my novel from third-person to first, which makes me question my sanity.

Yet... in working on the short story about my main character, I keep falling into first person, and I'm thinking my main character wants her story, and therefore the novel, told from her perspective and hers alone. Ahhh! The thought of changing everything... I need to think about this more. Will post on this later, when I'm thinking clearly.

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