Thursday, November 5, 2009

Making More Time

If only it was possible to "make" time, as simple as throwing flour, sugar, milk into a mixing bowl and then baking in the oven; thirty minutes later - poof! - the clock rewinds a few hours, or, at the very least, time stands still.

If only.

Rather, I'm talking realistically: making sacrifices and making changes to my daily routine. It's a popular topic on a lot of writing blogs, and I wrote about back in March. As I've made a re-commitment to finishing this novel sooner rather than later, I've also re-committed to making more time for the writing.

The biggest change: watching less TV. I have DVR. I watch all my TV shows after they've been recorded, thinking it saved me time by cutting 60 minutes down to 44-ish minutes. But then I can watch two shows that were recorded in the same time slot... hence, more shows than I've ever watched before.

Which for my writing is bad, bad, bad.

I've now cut down my list to shows I will not give up, and ones that I can do without. HIMYM (no surprise there), Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, and Fringe made the cut. I have a couple others I'll watch too, maybe on the weekends (if I have time), but this is a drastically cut list of TV programming.

I'm already noticing a difference. In the past 48+ hours, I've only watched 20 minutes worth of TV, a vast improvement for me.

Lately, I've also been sacrificing sleep and going to bed an hour later than usual, but I'm not sure how long that can last.

How do you make time? What sacrifices do you make? And do you know a working recipe for making more time? Because I could use it. =)


Chantal said...

I've cut out TV almost entirely - which really sucks, especially when trying to make conversation with friends. But, I do what I gotta do, right. Then there's reading - if I had my way, I'd read 24/7. So, I have to watch it and keep myself to 1 or 2 books a week...or else I will end up reading and never, ever writing. LOL!

Ginger B. (Barbara) Collins said...

I'm in novel-finishing mode too. Over the summer I developed a bad habit of staying up past midnight and getting up way too late in the morning.

Bedtime now is 10pm or earlier. I watch any of my 10pm faves the next day as I make dinner. Works perfectly. I've also cut down on the web surfing time. That has proven harder to do than cutting out the TV. But, no pages, no internet. That's the rule.

Ginger B.