Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Best Couple Ever

Photo: Fox Television Photo, Ron P. Jaffe

A few weeks ago, HIMYM treated us to the "best night ever," complete with a video montage and Marshall singing. In Season 5, Episode 6, "Bagpipes," we're witness to another "best" category where there previously hadn't been any competition; Lily and Marshall get overtaken for the spot of "best couple ever" due to some serious romantic cute-ness from Robin and Barney. Meanwhile, Ted deals with new upstairs neighbors who...er... like to 'play bagpipes' a lot.

Putting aside the fact that Ted's storylines have had nothing to do with the 'mother' since the beginning of the season, recent episodes have been about developing and nurturing relationships. In other words, Barney and Robin suck at being in a relationship (yet I still like them together).

Season 5 facts:
- Episode 1: Barney and Robin are unable to define what they are to each other, so they lie about being in a relationship.
- Episode 2: Barney is clueless to Robin's unhappiness in regards to him visiting strip clubs.
- Episode 3: Barney tries skipping the "getting to know you" phase by taking "Robin 101" classes from Ted.
- Episode 4: Barney & Robin don't see the value of 'couples night' until it's almost too late.
- Episode 5: Barney pushes Robin to forgo her Canadian roots and become a U.S. citizen.

Which brings us to last night's episode, "Bagpipes." Barney claims that now that he's awesome at being in a relationship, Marshall feels threatened. Buying into this claim, Marshall takes some advice from Barney about how to win arguments with Lily - complete with Barney imagining himself in Marshall's place and making out with Lily. As to be expected, Barney's advice goes horribly awry when applied, and Marshall is forced to sleep at Ted's apartment.

Meanwhile, Robin and Barney are acting all cute-sy, and still claiming that they avoid fights easily, with Barney either leaving the room or Robin getting naked. But when Ted isn't discovering this his upstairs neighbors are old folks, he's growing suspicious of the new couple's romantic ways. So what does he do? He finds Barney's downstairs neighbor, who attests to the fact that Barney and Robin fight A LOT. The fights all began, they recount, when they got stuck on a ski lift and Barney couldn't run away and Robin couldn't undress without the threat of frostbite.

With their fighting discovered, they seek the help of Lily and Marshall, who automatically forgive each other after hearing the horrible fights that Barney and Robin have. When Lily and Marshall explain that sometimes you just have to put your ego aside, realizing that your love is more important, Barney & Robin laugh, and say, 'seriously?' After Robin & Barney leave, Lilypad and Marshmellow break out the champagne and declare that they are officially the BEST. COUPLE. EVER. Silly kids, everyone already knew that!

Barney and Robin then fall back on their old solution of avoiding fights, and proceed to add another item to their list of places where they've 'done it' (83.5 places as of last count, according to Barney).

Is this a sign of worse things to come for the new couple? Are Robin and Barney ever going to be capable of a normal, healthy relationship with each other? Will Ted ever have a relationship-storyline of his own again? How much do Lily and Marshall rock as a couple? Share your thoughts below!

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