Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Best Night Ever; Segel at his best

Marshall (Jason Segel) did what he does best last night, and Ted became the Sexless Innkeeper.

Marshall and Lily have been struggling to find another couple to hang out with (forgetting the fact that Robin & Ted used to date), but with Robin and Barney together at last, they think they've found their match. While the premise and some of the scenes (like when Barney/Robin and Marshall/Lily reunite at the end) were lackluster, the show shone with the latest and greatest song/video produced by HIMYM characters.

Segel hasn't been getting the best of storylines in recent episodes (or even seasons), but he has one of the most creative characters on TV. So, let's forget Barney and Robin for a single post, even though they're still awesome (especially when they walked out of Lily & Marshall's apartment, declared it the worst night ever, Robin pretended to shoot herself, and Barney pretended to wipe the blood and guts off). And, let's focus on the king of song, Marshall.

Segel brings his own personality and creativity to the character of Marshall. Need evidence? He wrote the Muppet play that he performed in his movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Segel's obsession with songs has been highlighted over the years in his HIMYM character, too, especially in Season 3's "Spoiler Alert" when it's revealed that Marshall likes to sing everything he's doing, from paying bills to doing laundry. [Glass shatters]. Then, in last season, Marshall became addicted to creating charts and pie graphs, yet another sign of his creativity.

Last night, Marshall's creativity had another outlet: creating a video montage and song documenting what he and Lily considered "the best night ever," after having a couples night with Robin and Barney. While fake Websites and videos (aka Robin Sparkles) have been the calling card for HIMYM, Marshall's photo montage, played during the show, showcased why Marshall is such an awesome character. Let's also not forget all the other photo montages Marshall created and sent out to unsuspecting friends, namely the ones about babysitting Lily's mom's cat and then the subsequent cat funeral. With all these songs/videos, Marshall finally got the attention he deserves, especially with how well he performed alongside Nuno Bettencourt in his parody of the "More Than Words" video. Segel's video version of his 'best night ever' song is available at this Website.
After you've watched the video a few times and basked in the glory of Marshall/Segel's awesomeness, don't forget the secondary storyline of last night's episode and the reason for the title of the episode: The Sexless Innkeeper. As a professor, Ted wears a tweed jacket and hopes the girls will fall at his feet in hopes of sleeping with a professor. Instead, a girl flirts with him just to have a place to crash, and Barney recites a poem about his own experience with a "sexless innkeeper," which you can see here.

Poems, fake Websites, parodies: it's what HIMYM does best, and it's awesome to see Marshall getting some screen time doing what he does best.

Okay, enough praise of Marshall. What did you think of Barney gasping in horror when Ted lands a girl (so much for being the sexless innkeeper), and Robin tells Barney it's time for brunch? Is Barney's "what have I done?" a sign of conflict to come?

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