Friday, October 16, 2009

The words I use most

I used to find out which words I use the most in my WIP, Through Charlotte's Eyes. (I got this idea from Nathan Bransford's blog.) The bigger the word, the more often I use it.

For the most part, I'm not surprised. Names come up the most often, as does Paris. What surprised me about the names, though, was that "Grand-mere" came up more often than the two main characters, Anne and Charlotte. Then again, the WIP is now in first person, which makes the usage of their names a lot less frequent.

What I like about this word cloud is that important themes, items, symbols, etc. come up quite a bit, too: family, diary, wanted, past, time... I hope this means I'm doing something right, at least in the words I'm choosing.

Speaking of word choice, I'm definitely using "like" too often, according to this wordle. Note for revisions!

Which words do you get when you do 'wordle' your own wip? (I also did a wordle for my blog and nearly every word dealt with HIMYM. Ha!) Does this wordle make you want to know more about my WIP? Or is it just a bunch of random words that mean nothing to you? =)

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Ginger B. (Barbara) Collins said...

Isn't Wordle the funnest thing? I think I blew an entire morning creating Wordles using the jacket copy I wrote for my finished novel manuscript. Change the font, change the layout, jeez, it was addictive. See mine at

I plan to borrow your idea and do the entire novel. Wonder if "like" will beat out "just" for the overuse prize?

Ginger B.