Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take the Leap!

The Leap
How I Met Your Mother: Season 4, Episode 24 - the season finale

The Season Finale was all about taking the leap, both metaphorically and literally. Marshall finally musters enough courage to jump 6 feet from their building's roof to the one next door, which has a sweet deck & a hot tub. Ted takes the next step in his career, following the direction the world is pointing him in. Barney (somewhat) takes the plunge in telling Robin how he really feels, and Robin (kind of) reciprocates. And then there's the goat, the story that's been hinted at for at least a year now.

Once again, I found myself caring very little about Ted's storyline: his struggles with his architectural firm, his aspirations, and, of course, who the 'mother' is. But, Lily's speech to Ted hit a perfect note. Planning your life out just doesn't work, she tells Ted, after his "Rib Heaven" design loses out to Sven & their fire-breathing dragon building. She wanted to be a famous artist. Marshall, an environmental lawyer. Robin, a TV reporter (morning shows just don't count). And Barney, a violinist. Hah. But sometimes life just points you in a different direction and it's up to you to listen.

So Ted listens. He makes the leap, and he becomes a professor, where he'll finally meet the Mother. But honestly, I don't care how long they drag that story out (which I'm guessing they will drag out until the final season, which hopefully isn't anytime soon), because what I really care about is...

Barney & Robin! At last! Although I was startled by Barney suddenly ready to "tell" Robin, as evidenced with his "double-breasted suit" metaphor, I liked the way the story played out, even if there is still no closure or sense of where this thing is heading. Robin & Barney's scene in the hospital was my favorite part of the show, especially when Barney admitted to Robin that he didn't want to be saved. That just maybe he wanted to give this thing a shot. Cue them doing "the mosby" to one another, scaring off each other with proclamations of love and wanting to get married. And then - they embrace! But, as Barney says, they'll "sort" it out all later. I can't wait to see how their relationship evolves next season.

This season has under-whelmed me, but I enjoyed the season finale and I'll continue to be a die-hard fan of the show, because even in the stuff I didn't quite like, there were elements of what makes this show great.

  • I expected more with the goat. Okay, the hoof print on Ted's forehead was funny, as was the "Four Skins" Murder song playing as they fought, but there was a year of anticipation for that? Then again, I also liked how Lily related the goat's obsession with the washcloth to Ted's pursuit of his architectural dreams. That and Ted got beat up by Missy, a female goat.
  • Marshall trying, again and again, to jump from the ledge (his vampire outfit was the best), and then blaming Lily for why he didn't complete his latest attempt at a jump. The situation was bizarre - but bizarre is what HIMYM typically does best. The exchange between Lily and Marshall, with Lily lying about being pregnant and Marshall saying she's gained weight recently, was awesome.
  • Lily talking about her inability to keep a secret. I've been frustrated by the inconsistency with this over the season, believing she'd kept Barney's secret, except in this episode she reveals to Robin that she's known for 8 months, and Marshall admits to knowing for 7 months and 29 days. She can't not tell Marshall!
  • "The Mosby": scaring someone off by admitting, too quickly, that you love them. Oh so reminiscent of "don't 'ted out'" - love it!
  • Everything about Barney & Robin's burgeoning relationship and difficulty expressing their feelings. Yeah, I'm frustrated by how they didn't totally sort things out, but that just means there's more to look forward to!

What did you think of the goat story? Were you satisfied with the conclusion to Season 4? Did you like the way the Robin & Barney story played out? Can you believe it'll be three months til we next see the gang? Ah! I know; I'm obsessed. Share your thoughts!

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Joy said...

Hi! I found your link through the tvguide site (still no posts! grr) and I think I really agree with you! I'm still interested in finding out the mother, but of course, I'm happy waiting!

I wanted to say that I think this episode was filmed out of order, because you could totally see that Colbie Smulders was not even showing yet (when she was clearly pregnant in the last episode) and I'm pretty sure the reason we haven't seen Lily at all is because Alyson Hannigan is on maternity leave, and yet here she is! What's your take?

Liz S said...

Joy - You're right; I've read that the season finale was filmed a few months ago. For one, they wanted the scene with Barney & Robin a certain way (and a baby bump would definitely have gotten in the way)! Plus, they wanted to make sure Alyson/Lily was in this episode, too. She gave birth back in March, I believe, and has been on maternity leave since then, which is why she wasn't in three of last few episodes of the year.

Thanks for stopping by, and commenting on, my blog! I'll keep recapping once Season 5 starts up again!