Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Look Back at 2011

To say 2011 was a busy year would be an understatement (and 2012 too, considering its already halfway through January!) But just because it was busy doesn't mean 2011 wasn't fabulous.

In May, I landed my dream job (other than my aspiring career as a novelist of course) at a culinary vacation company called The International Kitchen.

In September, I traveled up to my favorite U.S. city, Traverse City, to marry my favorite person ever.

In October, our family grew when we brought home a lil English bull dog puppy, who we named Kafka.

And then on December 29th, I finished the latest draft of my novel, Through Charlotte's Eyes. It hadn't been a 2011 resolution of mine, but it did feel amazing to finally get the novel written the way I wanted to, from start to finish. That's not to say it's done, but I am in the polishing stages, fact-checking, and all that. I'm almost ready for a beta read (contact me if you're interested!)

So, 2011? Pretty dang awesome.

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