Sunday, May 16, 2010

Page-A-Day Challenge began... yesterday!

Well, I'm already behind. I signed up to take part in the Page-A-Day Challenge, started by the inspiring Weronika Janczuk, and I'm already a day behind! The Challenge started yesterday with the purpose of keeping us working on our novels by just writing one page a day for the next month. We don't have to write any more--if we don't feel like it--but we have to strive for not writing anything less.

I have a reason for not starting yesterday--namely, the fact that I was home in my apartment for no more than an hour all day yesterday (and didn't get home til 12:30 last night)--but I'm not going to focus on yesterday. I'm going to focus on keeping this going, and writing every day from now on through the next month--and hopefully beyond.

While I've been writing more than ever--well, since grad school anyways--most of my writing has been for Gather lately. By having this page-a-day goal, I'll also keep myself focused on my novel, too.
To keep myself accountable, I'll continue to update the calendar located here with what I've written. (Since I use Liquid Story Binder to write, I'll actually just keep track of word count, rather than pages, under the understanding that one page is about 500 pages.) As Weronika suggest, I'll tweet it, too!

To see who else is committing this page-a-day challenge, check out Weronika's blog here.

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Rachele Alpine said...

Good luck! I'm doing the challenge too, and I'm sure I'll fall a few days behind at times. I just like getting into the mindset that I should be writing every day and then trying to!