Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a Week on HIMYM

The Perfect Week
How I Met Your Mother: Season 5, Episode 14

When the gang has the makings for an incredibly lousy week, they take joy in Barney's latest conquest: sleeping with seven women in seven days, aka the Perfect Week.

So, what makes a bad week in HIMYM land?

He's got a whole new set of students this semester, meaning none of them have heard his MAGGIE acronym yet. When rattling off names on his student roster, he starts berating the class for adding a fake name that lacks in cleverness. Unfortunately for him, and his student, there actually is a girl named 'Cook Pu.' Commence the jokes now.

After going on a horrible date with a random Dale, she doesn't understand why he won't call her back for a second date. Enough with the Robin-is-hotter-than-everyone jokes. Enough.

Marshall & Lily
What's with Marshall and Lily not sharing a burger like they usually do at McLaren's? Since Barney and Robin are no longer together, as well as Ted and Stella, Ted and Robin, Ted and Victoria, the two have been on the hunt for new couple friends. When their latest couple date found out that Marshmellow and Lilypad share a toothbrush, they think that it's, well, gross. As does everyone else. And it only makes it worse when they learn that they shared a toothbrush with Ted for 8 years and even Robin, on occasion, when she dated Ted. Oops.

But the main event of the night was Barney, who got to tell the story of his seven nights, to his imaginary interviewer, sportscaster Jim Nantz.

At first, I thought this storyline would be too reminiscent of "The Playbook" episode. In ways it was overdone, but at least this time Barney had a bit more character depth than he's had as of late.

According to Marshall, Barney is being blamed for a merger falling through at work, and he'll find out on Friday if he'll be kicked to the curb. As is usual for Barney, he isn't dealing with what might happen, rather, he's scouting out women so that he can overcome the odds and have a perfect week--just like a perfect game in baseball.

Of course, Lily doesn't think sleeping with women will solve any of Barney's problems. Their friendship dynamic is one of the best on the show, with Lily acting as the hellish angel on Barney's shoulder. She elaborates on the worst-case scenario, that if he lost his apartment he could come live with her and Marshall (that plot would be nothing less than awesome, in my opinion).

But by the end of the episode Lily realizes why they need Barney to succeed: just like in sports, they need a winner after the week they've all been having. Lily dives to the ground of McLaren's, effectively stopping Barney's seventh girl from walking away and joining NY Yankee's Nick Swisher at the corner table.

And then Nantz disintegrates in a poof of smoke and Barney has to deal with reality. Lucky for him, he gets to keep his job.

Yet another Barney-centric episode, and while we saw hints of feeling in Barney's exterior at the thought of becoming unemployed, what else did we get? It feels like the writers are stalling, biding time... but for what? The Mother reveal? I've been fine with not knowing who she is yet, but the storylines need to get a move on in other ways. Robin's jokes about everyone wanting her? Old. More stories about how close Marshall and Lily are? Been there, done that. Ted just being around for random bodily function jokes? Not usual for him, but c'mon. Let's have some more episodes that aren't all about Barney and his women.

Again, despite my criticisms, HIMYM still manages to pull off a few good laughs, especially when Present Ted says that he would never tell the story of Barney's 'perfect week' to his kids; fast-forward to Future Ted with his kids on the couch, listening to that very story.

What did you think of the latest installment of HIMYM? What sorts of storylines do you want to see for the characters? Share your thoughts below!

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Anonymous said...


They need to drop another hint on who is the mother on this show or at least do something. We don't just watch for the Friends vibe - been there, done that! We want to solve this puzzle!!

I wish they would say or show us something more before we start tuning out like Lost. Lol, drop back in during the last season however, with HIMYM I would watch future re-runs :D

Harsh but true.