Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm Too Old For This Sh... Stuff

How I Met Your Mother: Season 4, Episode 19

My DVR suffered a mishap on Monday. It failed to record the newest episode of HIMYM; luckily (or unluckily?!?) I realized the problem and was able to record the last half of the show.

Not wanting to wait for the full-video to come online late that night, I watched the last 15 or so minutes of the show on Monday, and then the whole episode on Tuesday - which means that my viewing of the show was a bit backwards.

First and foremost, as I sat watching the last half, I wondered: what the hell happened to Barney's ear?!? And what happened to his back that he couldn't sit or stand up straight?! And, why is he recording a voicemail message with Robin?!?

Ted has been compiling a Murtaugh list - named after Danny Glover's character in Lethal Weapon - full of things the gang is too old to do. Barney, of course, sees the list as a challenge, and he makes a "Gentleman's Agreement" with Ted. Huzzah!

With the help of Robin, Barney keeps checking things off the list, like piercing his ear (on his own), sleeping on a futon at a Ted & Robin's place, thereby hurting his back, (Ah! Everything begins to make more sense!), dying his hair, and going to a rave. Even though Barney kept getting hurt, working on the Murtaugh list meant quality time with Robin. This definitely wasn't anything more than "friendly," but it was good to see the two of them interact. Both of them want to stay young!

Meanwhile, Marshall is the new coach of Lily's Kindergarten basketball team. His coaching techniques are loud and mean - but, as he points out, kids can't grow up expecting that everything will be given to them, like jobs, money, etc., or happen solely for the benefit of their happiness. That's all lost on Lily; she's dismayed that Marshall yells, because she prefers to inspire kids by playing her guitar and singing. Of course, she explains that Marshall is wrong to yell at the kids by yelling at Marshall.

The Marshall/Lily storyline was definitely amusing - especially with the appearance of Teen Wolf! - but it also hinted at Lily & Marshall preparing to be parents.

Back at the bar, Robin & Barney leave a two-person voicemail message, completing another part of the Murtaugh list, and then hand over, to Ted, a list of their own, which consists of things they're too young to do. Ted takes the challenge! Another Gentleman's Agreement is reached! Huzzah!

Since Ted already acts like an old man, he has no trouble completing anything on the list (like having dinner at 4), except for one thing: going to bed at 8pm. After watching four Lethal Weapon movies, since he can't fall asleep, he realizes that Murtaugh always say he's "too old" but then he goes right ahead and does it anyway. Lesson learned!

Overall, hilarious episode. Even though it didn't move any of the larger story lines forward, like Ted on his quest for "the mother," it showed more dynamics between all of the couples - and, yes, I'm including Barney and Robin under the "couple" category. It WILL happen!

Other Favorite Parts:
  • Robin calling Barney from across the apartment, just to see him put his cell up to his ear and hear him yelp in pain.
  • Teen Wolf on the basketball court!! (yes, this deserves a second mention)
  • Marshall trying to tell Lily how ironic it is that she won't let him yell at the kids, even though she yells at him - and then she throws a chair at him from across the gym.
  • Everything about Barney playing laser tag, including him getting banned, then getting one more chance - only to ruin it within 30 seconds by holding down a kid with his foot as he shoots at him - and then, of course, when Barney, Ted, & Robin TP the place.
  • The fact that Barney gave up on the Murtaugh list when Ted tried giving him the beer bong with warm Russian beer found in the basement.
  • Barney with pink hair.

Did you see any sparks between Robin and Barney? Whose coaching method was best - Lily or Marshall's? What was the best thing on the Murtaugh list? Have you or your friends ever had a list, similar to either the Murtaugh list or Barney's? What did you think of this episode?

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Cody said...

I like Barney and Robin together... just not as a couple. The two of them hanging out in Zip, Zip, Zip from the first season was awesome. The two of them hanging out tonight was awesome. I just don't want to see them end up together, even though I know they will.

I'm leaning towards Lily's method of teaching. It's lame and silly... and I kind of hate it, but I know I'd totally be that kind of mom if I ever had kids. There is no way in Hell I'd let someone talk to my kids the way Marshall did.

Liz S said...

I LOVE Robin & Barney together. I think their personalities, and even their takes on relationships, mesh really well.

I agree that Marshall was way over-the-top with his yelling, and that I would never want a coach yelling at my children... but he had a point: the world is tough and nothing (inclduing winning a basketball game) comes without work and effort. But, yeah, he could have handled it differently!