Monday, February 2, 2009

To Post or Not To Post Every Day

I posted to my blog every day in the month of January, which gave me some sense of accomplishment in a month that didn't treat my novel too well. (I spent a good three weeks on Chapter 7 alone).

The feeling of accomplishment, though, is overshadowed by knowing that some of my posts were complete crap. Some days I just got too busy - whether it was because I was working overtime (which is happening more and more often), meeting friends for dinner, finishing a portrait that needed to get done, or getting into the groove of my novel - and, on those days, my blog posts didn't carry much value to me; they were just something I felt I had to do to accomplish my NaBloPoMo goal.

Without a doubt, there's value in NaBloPoMo and how it holds me accountable to writing every day. There's something about putting your words out onto the Web that makes me accountable, that gives me the added push I need to make sure I take at least a few minutes out of my day to write, no matter how busy I am. But it killed me to add just random filler onto my blog, for the simple purpose of filling the monthly 'quota,' if you will. I don't like filler and I don't like writing about my personal life.

My blog isn't for me to vent (well, most of the time it isn't). My blog is not my diary, in which I share myself to the world. I'm an introverted, private person. And I like it that way.

Instead, the purpose of my blog is to write about writing, to document my journey into the world of fiction writing and publishing, as well as to depict how I face the challenges and joys of writing/revising my first novel. (Well, I should say 'second novel' but I wrote my first novel when I was seventeen and other than 200 pages of teenage angst and a stack of rejection letters, not too much came out of it. Let's just say that first novel was my set of training wheels. The novel I'm currently working on, that will get published one day, is my real 'first' novel).

My blog is also a place where I share what inspires me to write, and a place for other writers to come to be inspired, too. At least that's what I hope. When I write filler or random posts just to say I posted that day, I'm not really fulfilling my goal.

At the same time, I don't want to return to only writing a post or two a month. I like that I've been posting more, coming up with new 'writing' categories and topics. (See my post, Taking Stock, for those categories.) In that way especially, writing every day has helped me be a bit more creative with the way I approach 'writing about writing.'

So, that's my manifesto for this blog. Now, back to actually 'writing about writing.'

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Ginger B. (Barbara) Collins said...

Oh, how I understand the post/don't post situation! I put a formal I-confess-I-can't-do-it post on my NaBloPoMo blog this morning. One blog is enough. I've developed the post every morning habit but only have so much to say on a daily basis. Please come visit me on: